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I am a Geographer (University of Chile), Master of Political Science (University of Chile), and PhD in Human Geography (The University of Manchester). I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Instituto de Estudios Urbanos y Territoriales at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, where I am also an adjunct professor. I am also a researcher at the Center for Studies on Conflict and Social Cohesion (COES)

My research focuses on the governance of natural resources  in Latin America, particularly in the context of the global energy transition. More specifically, I am researching global networks of critical mineral production (such as copper and lithium) and other emerging sectors related to the energy transition (renewable energies and green hydrogen), particularly emphasizing the role of the state and urban-regional processes. I approach this from critical perspectives on global production networks, regulation theory, and urban political ecology

Recent publications


(2023) Irarrázaval, F & Carrasco, S "One step forward, two steps back? Shifting accumulation strategies in the lithium production network in Chile." The Extractive Industries and Society 15

(2023) Atienza, M, Schölvin, S, Irarrazaval. F and Arias, M “Formalization beyond legalization. ENAMI and the promotion of small-scale mining in Chile” Journal of Rural Studies

(2023) Irarrazaval. F, Stamm. C, Madariaga. A, Maillet. A, and Franetovic. G “Examining the effects of social protest on the environmental impact assessment process in Chile” Environmental Impact Assessment Review 99 107044

(2022) Irarrázaval. F 'Extractive Urbanization. Examining the metabolization of capital in extractivism' in Narvaes. A, Vargas. R and Gasic. I (Eds) ‘Capital and social domination. Towards a critique of the political economy of space´ UAH Editions: Santiago de Chile


(2022) Irarrázaval. F ´Social protest at mining territories: Examining contentious politics at mining districts in Chile´ Resource Policy 78


(2022) Irarrázaval. F. ´Mobilizing Rents: Natural gas production networks and the landlord state in Peru and Bolivia´  Antipode 54 (3)

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