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Edited books (just one!)

(2021) Irarrázaval. F and Arias. M (Editors) 'Resource Peripheries in the Global Economy: Networks, Scales and Places of Extraction' Cham: Springer Nature, Economic Geography series

(2022) Irarrázaval. F ‘Mobilising Rents: Natural gas production networks and the landlord state in Peru and Bolivia ´ Antipode 54 (3)

(2021) Maillet. A, Allain. M, De la Maza. G, Irarrázaval. F, Rivas. R, Stamm. C & Viveros. K “Conflicto, territorio y extractivismo en Chile. Aportes y límites la producción académica reciente” Revista de Geografía Norte Grande 80 59-80

(2021) Irarrázaval. F y varios autores “¿Hacia un nuevo ciclo extractivista? Revisitando la relación entre comunidades, conflictos e industrias extractivas” Revista de Geografía Norte Grande 80 5-12

(2021) Busts. B & Irarrazaval. F 'From crisis to stability and back again: lessons about environmental governance from the Chilean salmon industry' Area Development and Policy

(2021) Irarrázaval. F ´Extractivisms beyond the territory: A reading of the socio-spatial relations of the natural gas industry in Peru´ Scripta Nova 25 (3) 55 -77

(2021) Irarrázaval. F. 'Natural Gas Production Networks: Resource making and inter firm dynamics in Peru and Bolivia' Annals of the Association of American Geographers 111 (2) 540 - 558

(2020) Irarrázaval. F and Bustos. B. 'Big fish and small fish ?: Salmon entrepreneurs, institutional change and sectoral conflict in Chile' Revista Polis 56 103-118

(2020) Irarrázaval. F. 'Contesting uneven development: The political geography of Natural Gas rents in Peru and Bolivia' Political Geography 79

(2019) Irarrázaval. F. and Bustos. B "Global Salmon Networks: Unpacking Ecological Contradictions at the Production Stage" Economic Geography 95 (2) 159 -178

(2018) Irarrázaval. F. “Methane-territorialities: The 'era of natural gas' in Peru and Bolivia” Journal of Latin American Geography 17 (3) 153-182

(2018) Salazar. G, Irarrázaval. F. and Fonck. M. "Urban transformations and senses of place in the intermediate cities of the Araucanía Region" AUS Magazine 23 4-11

(2017) Salazar. G, Irarrázaval. F. and Fonck. M. "Exploring Intermediate Cities in Latin America: mixed mobile methods for mobility assessment in Villarrica, Chile" The Geographical Journal 183 (3) 247 - 260

(2017) Salazar. G, Irarrázaval. F and Fonck. M. "Intermediate cities and local governments: scalar gaps in the Araucanía Region"  EURE Magazine 34 (130) 161-184

(2017) Salazar. G, Fonck. M and Irarrázaval. F. "Landscapes in motion: senses of place and intercultural practices in cities of the La Araucanía region, Chile" Chungará Chilean Anthropology Journal 49 (2) 251-264

(2016) Barton. J and Irarrázaval, F. "Adaptation to climate change and natural risk management: seeking synthesis in urban planning" Revista de Geografía Norte Grande 63: 85-108

(2016) Busts. B and Irarrázaval. F. “Throwing Money into the Sea: Capitalism as a World-ecological System. Evidence from the Chilean Salmon Industry Crisis, 2008 ”Capitalism, Nature and Socialism 27 (3) 83 - 102

(2014) Krellennberg. K, Link. F, Welz, J, Harris. J, Barth, K & Irarrazaval. F. “Supporting local adaptation: The contribution of socio-environmental fragmentation to urban vulnerability” Applied Geography 55: 61-70

(2014) Barton. J & Irarrázaval. F. “Geographical representations: the role of the military in the development of contemporary Chilean geography” Area 46 (2): 129-136

(2012) Irarrázaval. F. “The“ green ”imaginary and urban green as an instrument of real estate consumption: configuring the environmental conditions of the Santiago metropolitan area” INVI Magazine 25 (75): 73-103

(2011) Sources. C, Irarrázaval. F, Romero. H and Salgado. M. "Accommodation and socio-environmental segregation in Peñalolén: Understanding its territorial structuring" Society and Equity 1: 1 - 8

(2010) Romero. H, Irarrázaval. F, Opazo. D, Salgado. M and Smith. P. "Urban climates and air pollution in Santiago de Chile" EURE Magazine 36 (109): 35 - 61

Journals publications

Book chapters, working papers and other publications

( 2021) Irarrázaval. F and Arias, M “Introduction: Resource peripheries in the global economy” In Irarrázaval. F and Arias, M (Eds) “Resource peripheries in the global economy: Networks, Scales and Places of Extraction” Cham: Springer Nature, Economic Geography series

(2021) Rojas, C., Simon, F., Irarrázaval, F., Quintana, M., Stamm, C., Castillo, B. ´Covid footprint survey results: CO2 emissions in pandemic in homes in south central Chile 'Institute of Urban and Territorial Studies UC, IEUT Working Papers, No. 18.

(2021) Orellana. A, Irarrázaval. F, Diaz. D y Moreno, D. ´Decentralization and public investment in infrastructure: Proposals to prioritize territorial development gaps at the subnational level´ Topics on the Public Agenda 16 (140) UC Public Policy Center

(2020) Irarrázaval. F 'Natural gas industry, income distribution and territorial inequalities in Peru and Bolivia' Working document No. 264. RIMISP, Santiago de Chile.

(2020) Irarrázaval. F ´The not so crazy geography of Covid 19 in Chile´ Journal of Latin American Geography 19 (3)

(2019) Irarrázaval. F, Salazar. G and Fonck. M "Towards a spatio-temporal understanding of intermediate cities in Chile" In Nuñez. A, get ready. E, and Molina. R (Eds) “(The) Other Geographies in Chile. Social perspectives and critical approaches ”. Santiago: LOM

(2016) Irarrázaval. F “Review: Veltmeyer, Henry and James Petras, ed. The New Extractivism: A Post-Neoliberal Development Model or Imperialism of the Twenty-First Century? London: Zed Books, 2014. 320 pp ”Revista Pléyade 18

(2016) Irarrázaval. F, Fonck. M and Salazar. G "The murals of ALAPINTA: a window to intermediate cities and their location in Araucanía" Planeo Magazine 27

(2015) Irarrázaval. F. and Barton. J "How much do salmon companies contribute to the municipalities of Chiloé: An analysis of municipal budgets?" In Roman. A, Barton. J, Busts. B and Salazar. A. (Eds) "Salmon Revolution: Paradoxes and Territorial Transformations in Chiloé". Santiago: RIL Editores - IEUT / PUC

(2015) Krellenberg. K, Link. F, Welz. J, Barth. K, Harris. J, Irarrázaval. F & Valenzuela. F. “Approaching urban vulnerability to climate change induced risks in socio-environmentally fragmented areas - The case of Santiago de Chile -” UFZ-Report 02/2015.

(2014) Link. F, Irarrázaval. F, Harris. J, Valenzuela. F, Welz. J & Barth. K. "Coping with Natural Disasters and Urban Risk: An Approach to Urban Sustainability From Socio-Spatial Fragmentation and Urban Vulnerability Assessment". In Holt. W (Ed). "From Sustainable to Resilient Cities: Global Concerns / Urban Efforts". Sydney: Emerald Press

(2014) Irarrázaval. F. “Unite to Win: Business Groups to Influence the State. The salmon sector after the ISA virus crisis and the institutional change in Fisheries and Aquaculture ”. MCP Working Papers vol. 1 n ° 1. Santiago: Institute of Public Affairs, University of Chile.

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